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The start of any school year is filled with anticipation, eagerness, and no small amount of nerves, we recognise this and want to make transition to BBG Academy as smooth as possible.

BBG Academy is, put simply, #TeamBBG. We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive secondary school; offering places to any student aged 11 to 16 years of age, from all backgrounds and experiences. We work hard to ensure that all students feel welcome, safe, and included in our diverse community. In November 2021, BBG Academy was recognised by Ofsted as being an Academy which was GOOD in all areas, it was described in our recent Ofsted inspection report ‘that being a part of our school community is like ‘being a part of a family’”.

We encourage our students to work hard, make mistakes, learn from them, and keep trying. We believe that our ‘growth mindset’ is the reason that “All groups of students, regardless of their starting points, make good progress across a wide range of subjects, including English and Mathematics.

We are committed to providing the highest possible opportunities to all children in our community. Part of this commitment means that we expect the highest standards of behaviour, discipline and respect – not just for the colleagues in our academy, but also towards themselves and each other. It is due to these pillars of expectation that we are able to deliver what we consider to be the most innovative, differentiated and state-of-the-art curriculum available for all our students.

Our focus on collaboration with the wider scope of the Rodillian Multi-Academy Trust means that we are able to continue to seek the best paths for our students, regardless of their starting points. Our Trust is at the forefront of school improvement and is driven by a core purpose of high expectations on student learning, well-being, and achievement. We recognise that achievement comes in many forms, and work with each student individually to ensure that they are able to reap the highest success possible for themselves.

From Year 7, our students are taught to be resilient in a dynamic, innovative curriculum that responds to educational research and the needs of our young people. Students have opportunities to learn how to be resilient in the face of difficulties and failure - in chess, in British Sign Language, and in debate (amongst other things) at the Academy - and in physical pursuits and independence found at our English and French Resilience camps. We teach them that with determination, improvement is not only likely, it is inevitable. 

We are very much looking forward to working closely with all our new students and their families.