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At BBG Academy, we are rightly proud of our resilience curriculum and the associated learning and skills that students are taught from the beginning of year 7.  Resilience has been directly taught as a lesson since 2014 when the Rodillian Multi-Academy trust became the sponsor for our academy – it was initiated and developed there since the Rodillian Academy’s inception in 2008.  We believe – like them – that our resilience curriculum is the cornerstone of our success; it has been developed and evolved over time, and has been a constant in all the changes that have occurred in education over the past 7 years.‚Äč

Resilience lessons offer students the opportunity to directly think about, work with and develop life skills and knowledge that are integral to becoming a lifelong learner.  The lessons have been developed with the ideas of Carol Dweck, Matthew Syed and Angela Duckworth at the core of their messages, and no lesson goes by without considering how to apply the key concepts of grit, growth mindset, and perseverance to what they are learning. 

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