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We have invested heavily, both in terms of energy and finance, in the development of a Year 7 curriculum that will enable every student to become secure in their literacy and numeracy abilities and then to excel in these core skills.

One crucial skill that students must secure before moving forward in their academic careers, is comprehension—their ability to understand information that they are presented with.  Reading books is a very successful way of improving a child’s comprehension ability.

‘Rise and Read’ is a 30-minute programme for Year 7 students, which is intended to support students through guided reading. Guided reading benefits readers of all abilities.

Guided reading instruction is different to independent reading, and is proven to help students improve reading skills. Research clearly demonstrates that, to improve skills, particularly in learning or remediation stages, the student needs to read out loud with feedback. This is NOT saying students should not read on their own, or that there are no benefits for children sitting there looking at books, or that students do not need to read more. It is merely to show that guided reading specifically has significant beneficial effects on helping students develop reading skills.

Guided reading is one of the most effective tools, not only to improve a student's fundamental reading skills but also to help the student develop higher level comprehension skills.

With guided reading we can directly help the student:

  • establish fundamental skills necessary for proficient reading;
  • identify weaknesses and strengthen specific skills;
  • improve attention to detail;
  • build fluency;
  • expand vocabulary knowledge;
  • develop reading comprehension skills;
  • guided reading is enjoyable! Guided reading offers a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of reading with your child.

At BBG Academy, we want to support students in the best way possible to ensure they make progress, as well as stretching and challenging them to achieve their best possible outcomes.

We have expectations of what the students of BBG can achieve and ‘Rise and Read’ is proven to make significant improvements in students’ reading ages.T o that end, we require that every Year 7 attend ‘Rise and Read’, at 7:30, every Tuesday and Wednesday morning.‘Rise and Read’ is a compulsory part of our Year 7 curriculum, and as such, students will be issued with detentions if they are late or do not attend these sessions. Please help us support your child to their best outcomes by ensuring their positive participation.  Rise and Read will commence Tuesday 15 September and Wednesday 16 September.