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Our Curriculum

At the centre of our ethos is a commitment to the development of character, resilience and a growth mind-set. We believe that this has been an intrinsic part of the transformation of our academy, both in terms of examination results and the confidence of our young people. The curriculum provides our students with opportunities and skills that they may not have had access to and gives them opportunities that raise their aspirations for the future.

We strive to develop a growth mind-set in each of our young people and our staff – a belief that intelligence is not fixed or inherited but can be improved, if we learn from our mistakes and continually work hard.

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our students; its core aims are:

  • to develop mastery of subjects in terms of both knowledge and skills;
  • to develop resilience; emotionally, physically and academically;
  • to develop self-confidence and self-worth;
  • to make progress in all subjects;
  • to raise aspirations and the aspirations of our community;
  • to achieve a range of qualifications;
  • to equip our students for their next stage and future stages of learning;
  • to develop British citizens who respect the rule of law, the rights of others and who make a positive contribution to our community.